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[Diabetes, PCOS & Weight Loss Expert in Delhi]

I'm a big foodie and I was teased that I live to eat. I gained a lot of weight in last 3-4 years, but kinda became comfortable in my own skin - which one should NEVER get! I joined Nidhi Sawhney after much speculation. Within 4.5 months, I was 15 kgs lighter! I had gastric issues from a long time, but I never had to take 1 pill after I started dieting.

The diets are really easy follow, just regular home made food, nothing fancy, nothing too difficult to prepare. She's friendly and gives you options when you really hate a certain food! I have seen many people following different sort of diet that ends up people craving for food all the time. It has been 6 months, I've not faced any such issue.

Would highly recommend her, if you want to achieve a fitter body.

Kirty Verma (Visited For Weight Loss Treatment)

"Result may vary person to person"

I had joined Nutriadvice Diet Clinic last year in September at a time when I was most distressed due to several health issues like thyroid,asthama and PCOD all reflecting in excessive weight gain.

Prior to joining this clinic I was unable to reduce weight despite doing heavy exercise and taking all the other so called weight loss treatments and shakes available in the market. Moreover these so called treatments only made me more upset and left me starved.

However ever since I have joined Nidhi mam, I have seen a vast difference in my health and my weight has dropped drastically by 23kgs after taking her diet program. The best part about mam is that she is highly supportive, friendly and very patient with every client of hers. She gives every client of hers a good hearing and helps overcome a host of other issues along with achieving the targeted weight loss. I have recommended her to several people and each one has only resonated a very positive feedback.

I would firmly recommend Nidhi mam to anyone who is looking for a steady weight loss and cannot devote too much time for exercise. Also her diet chart is so flexible that everyone can follow it for the rest of their lives. She can also be contacted frequently to modify the diet chart in case of any exigencies.

Its almost unbelievable how you can hog on your favorite snacks and still manage to lose weight like a boss! I am extremely overwhelmed to share my experience and would be only happy if more people would benefit from the same.

Aarushi Gupta (Visited For Weight Loss Treatment)

"Result may vary person to person"

Few months back I had no clue of what dieting is and which specialist to visit for the same. I searched google and the first name came was of Ms. Nidhi. I wasn't sure of going ahead but the day I visited her clinic my journey for weight loss started. Though the target weight loss was 12kgs but it wasn't easy for a big food enthusiast like me.

Nidhi ma'am made this journey easy for me with simple diet plan making inclusions for my favorite dishes as well. She's been very encouraging and supportive in reducing my weight. She devotes ample to everyone and is very friendly.

I would surely recommend anyone and everyone who's looking for weight loss and wishes to develop and maintain healthy eating habits..

Ashish Dhawan (Visited For Weight Loss Treatment)

"Result may vary person to person"

I have been holding back this review since 3-4 months but it's the right time now. I have been above my ideal weight by about 20 KGS for the majority of my life and since last three years I was constantly trying to loose weight but the real challenge was that if I managed to loose 10 KGS it would come back after every 3 months if I left exercise and went back to normal routine of eating some tasty food and some normal like most of us. So I looked up good dietician in Delhi and found Nidhi. Not only did I loose 17 KGS in about 3.5 months with her diet n normal exercise but I told her my weight used to come back before but she assured me that it most probably won't after this routine.

It hasn't come back and I have barely gained 1 kg in last 3-4 months and I m eating it all and I feel good n look much better than before. My metabolism has improved quite a lot, I still do minor exercise like 5 days a month but that's about it and all at home. Thanks Nidhi I will come back again in a month or two after winters to attain my ideal weight. Your advice and diet really works....

Rohan (Visited For Weight Loss Diet Counseling)

"Result may vary person to person"

Result oriented diet plan. Would recommend to all.. I was 83kgs wen I started but now I hv lost 13 kgs and the credit goes to nidhi Sawhney Mam.

Mannat bhalla (Visited For Slimming)

"Result may vary person to person"

Hello people!!

So as like every normal girl desire to look pretty,smart,confident of her body was only a dream for me until i met NIDHI SAWHNEY..

Honestly i was skeptic about investing into any form of diet plan,visting a Dietician rather..But fortunately,having met NIDHI changed my thinking about how the whole system of a diet plan works!! I have lost around 12kgs in 3months..Feeling really confident of my personality!!People walk upto me now and compliment for my drastic weight loss which gives me great energy n power to get going smart in life..

This neva would have been possible without a great dietician like NIDHI SAWHNEY..kudos!!My Savior.. I congratulate Nidhi for sucha justice to her profession..You deserve every bit of appreciation m sure..

People out there who are somewhere not upbeat of their weight,i would highly recommend to reach out to this lady coz she is worth it all.....

Priya sharma (Visited For Weight Loss Treatment)

"Result may vary person to person"

I felt little disappointed she is not friendly at all she did not bother to ask me any questions or reason for joining the programme or my goals .

Only thing she did was to give me the diet without knowing / discussing my preferences or my goals which i think is imperative..

Gurneet Kaur (Visited For Weight Loss Treatment)

"Result may vary person to person"

dr nidhi is a brilliant doctor. she knows her craft and her friendliness makes u comfortable to talk. she motivates you and has numerous food choices even for a fussy one like me .

i have managed to loose .2.5 kgs in a week.. and i am planning to contunue so that ibreachbmy ideal weight in 2 months.

i recommend dr nidhi who have tried everythibgvelse to loose weight. just try her u wont regret !!.

Sangeeta sharma (Visited For Weight Loss Treatment)

"Result may vary person to person"

Nidhi understands individual needs and customises the diet accordingly. Her diet instructions are very easy to follow with easily available ingredients. To add to this, she is always available on call in case you need any clarifications. I have had a very good experience indeed..

Mr Jadu Nath Ghosh (Visited For Weight Loss Treatment)

"Result may vary person to person"

Doctor is friendly and advises a diet suitable to you. She takes care about your needs and prescribe a diet which is easy to follow.

Mrs.Suman Mathur (Visited For Obesity)

"Result may vary person to person"

Only one word to describe it - Excellent!

She is everything you can ask for in a dietician- knowledgable, patient, always keen to answer queries, and more than that a great confidante! You can tell her your experience with the diets she prescribe and she is very open to taking feedback. Most of all, she is effective. There are times when it works, and then there are others when it may not. But she is super supportive at all times. Takes care of your body type, digestion mechanism, schedules, life style. Would totally recommend her and infancy have already to many friends and family. To many more successes Nidhi!.

MISS SUANGNA SINGH (Visited For Weight Loss Diet Counseling)

"Result may vary person to person"

A wonderful treatment programme without any medicines in which i lost about 15 kgs in 3 months. The weekly diet charts of Ms. Sawhney are extremely helpful and most importantly not harsh on the body. I lost a lot of weight quite steadily and am much better off now. She is a wonderful lady and i would recommend anyone suffering from the same to definitely follow her diet plans..

Aakash Dutt (Visited For Weight Loss Treatment)

"Result may vary person to person"

She is the amazing woman...she will remove all your myth related to Indian food diet and give you the **** treatment according to your body type.Please do visit at her clinic...

Anjul (Visited For Weight Management Counseling)

"Result may vary person to person"

Excellent! NIdhi helped me with a very personalised plan which suited my needs perfectly. I began to see results immediately, starting from the very first week. I thought it was going to be difficult to stick to the plan, but it wasn't, thanks to a plan that was made specifically for me, and not just a generic plan..

Swaraj Mehta (Visited For Nutritional education)

"Result may vary person to person"

Its an amazing experience to b linked with her ..I lost almost 7 KGS in 1month plus my skin is glowing by taking her healthy ,full of nutrient s diet plan.everyone started noticing the change in me ,reduction in weight along with the inch loss is very quickly ... I am really happy to join her..

Ash (Visited For Weight Loss Diet Counseling)

"Result may vary person to person"

Very nice ji. Reducing my weight slowly slowly. Very healthy weight loss diet. Enjoying very much. Being active.

Dharmender Gambhir (Visited For Obesity)

"Result may vary person to person"

Excellent dietician. She give very practical diet plans. I was never Hungry. Neither the designed diet was unpalatable. What else can one expect from a dietician. I give her 10 on10.

Shailendra Saxena (Visited For ObesityOvereating)

"Result may vary person to person"

It was really satisfying as I was able to bring back my original self in me. Feels really good to be back in shape in just 3 months.

Thanku so much Nidhi mam.

Deepti Manocha (Visited For Weight Loss Treatment)

"Result may vary person to person"

Excellent diet program given by Nidhi Sawhney. Have been following frm past 2 weeks and result is very good. Have lost 4 kgs in 2 weeks..

Trivesh Hans (Visited For Weight Loss Treatment)

"Result may vary person to person"

It was a wonderful experience after loosing 10 kg weight,I am feeling fresh & more energetic..will definitely recommend my family & friends about nutri advice....thanks. & regards .....shikha.

Shikha puri (Visited For Thyroid Disorders)

"Result may vary person to person"

Its good to see and know that following proper diet plan and right combination of food ,one can lose a good amount of weight and can overcome the deficiency ....thanks to nidhi for helping me to take a good step towards healthy living ....thanks.

Deepak (Visited For Vitamin Deficiency)

"Result may vary person to person"

Amazing dietician, lost 3 KGS in first week.Easily accessible, very patient. Highly recommended!!!!!.

Abhinav Tandon (Visited For Diet Therapy)

"Result may vary person to person"

My experience has been very good with her. She gives full attention and patiently tackles all the problems. i lost almost 5 kgs in a month. She prepares the diet chart keeping in my all the health issues like diabetics, blood pressure. I am very happy to take advice from her on my weight loss. Overall it has been a nice, effective and pleasant experience with her.

Mr. Rakesh Gupta (Visited For Obesity)

"Result may vary person to person"

Well being overweight is dedinately a big problem both health wise and other social factors. I tried everything ,nothing worked out or the results were not satisfactory. Then I tried a diet directed by Dt. Nidhi Sawhney and now I can say I am extremely satisfied with the results. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is facing weight loss issues..

Zeeshan Ali (Visited For Weight Loss Diet Counseling)

"Result may vary person to person"

I came to nidhi a year back based on word of mouth recommendation..within a year I stand as a more than satisfied client..the diets are very eatable and reasonably placed ..they have worked on me and created a miracally difference of arund 30 KGS .....she is always available and friendly.

Aishvi (Visited For Weight Loss Diet Counseling)

"Result may vary person to person"

First of all, it was a pleasure meeting you, Nidhi Sawhney. I have been into rigorous work out, crazy diets, starving myself to death to reduce my weight but nothing helped.

Fortunately, one day i decided to take professional help and then i met her. Within a week i felt light and energetic. I have reduced 14 kgs without feeling weak or dizzy or dull. NOTHING LIKE THAT. She makes sure a person should not only reduce body weight but should also feel healthy and beautiful. Instead of making me starv she gave me so much food to eat. She understands a person's likes and dislikes, lifestyle, habit and then make a diet. Not only charted plan she taught me yummiest recipes and masks for good skin. She was always available to me for any doubt.



Priyanka goel (Visited For Weight Loss Treatment)

"Result may vary person to person"

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