10 ways to take care of your skin without products

Beauty products these days are ubiquitous. You cannot simply ignore their presence all around you. The endorsement is done in such a manner that you are lured into buying them to take care of your skin.

True beauty is awe-inspiring, praise-evoking and beyond fair skin and flesh. The popular notion of beauty is problematic as it is often more emphasized on skin-deep beauty. There are myriads of ways to take care of your skin without products.

True beauty and self-love are indispensable. Self-love has more to do with acceptance and taking basic care of yourself than ‘beauty hauls’. Self-love can be practiced without beauty products.

Below are a few ways you can practice self-love without using beauty products:

1. Water, the elixir of life

Water, the elixir of life

Let’s start with the very basics. It is very important to drink plenty of water as it works for the overall wellness. Hydrating yourself makes your skin glow. It helps the body to function better.

Drinking plenty of water can help you combat a number of skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. This is done by flushing out toxins from your body. It also increases blood flow to the skin that evens out your skin tone and complexion. Drinking enough water slows the aging process too.

There are innumerable other benefits of drinking enough water. Your body will let you know if you are not drinking sufficient water. Just pay attention and keep hydrating yourself.

2. Keep sugar at bayKeep sugar at bay

One of the ways to take care of your skin and yourself is by avoiding excess sugar. Disguised in sweetness, sugar can bring into your life issues that many you cannot even imagine. One of the common issues is inflammation. It’s best to limit your sugar intake if you are prone to inflammation.

Sugar can also aggravate your skin conditions. Acne and eczema are some of the skin conditions irritated by the overconsumption of sugar. Sugar is an inflammatory food that causes inflammation within the body.

3. Wash your face with lukewarm waterWash your face with lukewarm water

Using hot water to wash your face strips the skin of moisture as the wax-like consistency in the sebum (oil)of our skin melts with the use of hot water. Use lukewarm water to gently wash your face so that the sebum is warmed up a bit, and helps in proper cleansing of the face.

4. Rest awhile and run a mileRest a while and run a mile

Jumpstart your day to keep your skin glowing. Running or working out does amazing wonders to your body, skin, and mind. It helps in blood circulation. Blood carries oxygen and other nutrients to all the different cells in your body. Not only does this help our skin to repair itself faster but it also provides an instant glow. So, sweat it out and get that healthy glow.

5. Smoking is the most stylish way to ruin our healthSmoking is the most stylish way to ruin our health

Smoking or vaping releases free radicals that damage the DNA of skin cells which breaks down collagen and elastin. The nicotine in cigarettes causes narrowing of the veins in the peripheral layers of your skin, impairing blood flow to your skin. With less blood flow, your skin doesn’t get as much oxygen and significant supplements, like vitamin A. … Thus, skin starts to sag and wrinkle prematurely due to smoking.

6. Get some sweet slumber

Lack of quality sleep can hamper your skin health. Lack of quality sleep can aggravate atopic dermatitis or eczema. Sleep deprivation can cause an increase in the stress hormones in the body worsens existing skin conditions like psoriasis, acne, etc.

Not enough sleep also accelerates the aging process. During deep sleep, the growth hormones repair damaged cells. Without deep sleep, daily breakdown occurs which with sleep otherwise be reversed overnight resulting in noticeable signs of aging. Getting quality rest is one of the ways to take care of your skin without products.

7. Manage stressManage stress

When you are in stress, your body releases a hormone called cortisol. Increased levels of cortisol can make your skin lose your glow by decreasing the skin’s ability to retain moisture. This also increases the production of sebum.

8. Your skin is what you eatYour skin is what you eat

A healthy diet can go a long way. Beautiful skin is not just what beauty products you use but also what you eat and what nourishment your skin is getting from within. Eat at least five portions of fruits and vegetables every day. Eat enough vitamin C, which is a super antioxidant. It promotes radiant and glowing skin. It also helps in healing blemishes properly. The best source of vitamin C are blueberries, broccoli, guava, papaya, oranges, strawberries, kiwi fruits, and sweet potatoes.

9. Not all fats are bad fats.

Eat some healthy fats, fats that provide essential fatty acids that make your skin supple, moisturized and improve elasticity. Polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats are the healthy fats, the types found in oily fish, nuts, avocados and seeds.

10. Phyto-estrogens

Phyto in phytoestrogens in Greek means plants. A plant-derived xenoestrogen consumed by eating phytoestrogenic plants. This xenoestrogen is not generated within the endocrine system.

The structure is similar to the female sex hormone estrogen and this hormone keeps our natural hormones in balance. Some phytoestrogens are found in soya bean products such as tofu, whereas some others are found in the fiber of whole grains, fruit, vegetables and linseed.

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