weight loss diet

How to lose weight without GYM

Being overweight is harmful, and being obese is extremely dangerous. Obesity leads to many other ailments, including cardiac arrest. Would you like to die a premature death, especially if you are the sole earning member of your family, and leave your loved ones is a financial crunch? Visiting the GYM and doing exercises over there might help, but thanks to the hectic lifestyle of nowadays, only a few businesspersons have the time to visit the gym. No doubt there must be some way to burn the extra fat from your body and regain your slim and trim figure. Given below are some pointers that will help you lose weight without gym quickly and effortlessly. Remember, although you can depend on weight loss supplements that burn your body fat by increasing your metabolic rate, most of them contain steroids that are dangerous for your system in the long run. Therefore, you should avoid them as far as possible.

Good and healthy diet:

Most people do not have the time to eat two square meals at home each day. They purchase junk food from the stores and use the same to satiate their hunger, ignorant of the fact that these processed foods contain a high percentage of saturated fatty acids. Your digestive system does not have the capability to digest such foods. As a result, they remain in your stomach, and over time convert into fat. It is the same with aerated drinks and beverages containing caffeine, such as coffee. Try to limit your intake of coffee or aerated drinks as much as possible and avoid processed food totally. Eating healthy and home-prepared food plays a long role in allowing your digestive system to work properly and prevent the buildup of fat in your stomach. By the way, the accumulated fat is also a breeding ground for germs that release toxins, unhealthy for your health.

weight loss diet

Age plays a role:

The rate of metabolism of your body is directly dependent on enzymes such as testosterone that your body produces. They help to increase the metabolic rate of your body, which in turn leads to additional burning of calories (energy). When the quantity of calories in your body decreases, the enzymes start attacking the built-up fat in your body, convert them into energy, and give you the energy required to perform any task. Unfortunately, the production of such enzymes decreases as you grow old, and ceases completely by the time you turn 45-50 years of age. Therefore, your best option is to prevent the buildup of fat when you are young.



Walk a lot:

Lose weight without Gym instead of depending on your car to visit the local departmental store which is just a block away walk to it. Walking briskly consumes energy and forces the enzymes of your body to burn traces of fat and convert them to energy. It also helps you develop lean muscles in the food as well as in the abdominal region. Apart from burning down the additional fat in your body walking keeps your body fit and slim. You might feel slightly tired for the first couple of days but that is fine. It is an indication that your body is consuming energy. Relax for some time to refill your energy tanks. If necessary drink fresh fruit juice. They contain the energy your body requires.



 Perform aerobic exercises:

Lose weight without Gym is a quick search online will provide you with details of YouTube sites through which you can find out details of aerobic exercises and how to do them properly. Measure your girth on the first day before you start exercising. Measure your girth once more after a fortnight. You will be surprised by the number of belly fat you have lost. Aerobics also helps individuals, especially females, to burn fat in their thighs, arms, and hips. Obviously, it burns down the fat in their abdominal region too. You might have to alter your pants or purchase new ones after a month or so, because your old ones will become too loose for you. By the way, never perform exercises in an air-conditioned environment. Your body needs to perspire in order to burn fat properly, which is not possible in the environments of an air-conditioned
aerobic exercise
 Do simple exercises:

Lose weight without Gym is that you do not need to purchase exercising gadgets to burn your body fat. You can conduct simple exercises like squatting and push-ups to achieve the same goal. Running up and down the stairs a couple of time also helps. In fact, you should avoid using the elevator as much as possible. This might sound torturous but will help you eliminate your protruding tummy and prevent it from enlarging to such levels that you are unable to wear your figure-hugging dresses any longer.

 Liquid Diet:

You might follow all of the above instructions but will still not get any results if you do not follow a strict diet. As mentioned previously, stay away from processed food, carbonated drinks, and drinks containing caffeine. Instead of drinks as much of freshwater as you can. A normal adult should drink a minimum of 10 liters of water per day. It helps replace the fluids lost through perspiration, but also assists in removing toxins from your body as they pass away through your urinal tract.

Liquid diet

 Healthy Solid Food:

Eggs are one of the best food that helps you reduce your cholesterol levels. No doubt, they increase the levels of bad LDL cholesterol in certain individuals, but they are the best foods for individuals seeking to lose weight. Include a lot of leafy greens such as Swiss chards, collards, spinach, and kale. They are low
in carbs and calories yet are rich in fiber. Fatty fish such as salmon is incredibly satisfying and very healthy. It is loaded with various important nutrients, healthy fats, as well as high-quality protein. Cruciferous vegetables like Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli, are extremely filling and are high in fifer too. In addition, they are extremely nutritious and contain anti-carcinogenic properties. If necessary, seek the help of a dietician to prepare a food chart for you.

Be ready to wear the figure-hugging dresses you were unable to wear until a couple of weeks ago without going to the GYM!

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