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Diet for Cholesterol (Hearth Health)

How to be in the best of your heart health?
Tips for Cholesterol control

• Gush garlic and cook it lightly with tamotoes in a teaspoon of olive or groundnut oil. Spread the paste on the slice of whole-wheat bread or khakla (oil free) and have it for breakfast along with a glass of vegetable juice made ½ raw omans two carrots and two tomatoes.

• Regular intake of red wine of black grape juice seems to promote antico-agulant activity, discouraging heart disease (taken in moderation).

• Eat half an onion as part of salad with each meal. This would help to keep the blood thin.

• The ‘garam masala’ used in Indian cooking discourages blood platelets clueing. Clones and cumin seeds powder also promote anti-clotting activity.