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Therapeutic Diets

Therapeutic DietHealthy Heart

With the changing lifestyle of the individuals, now people are more prone to diseases, as they are giving less attention to their health because of the hectic work schedule. But it is the major factor to be genuinely taken care of, as the food we take is the root of how good our body is.
  • • As a solution of so many health problems, the concept of therapeutic diet is running very popular which simply means to have a balanced diet.

  • • This diet usually differs from person to person by adding or removing certain food stuff, to improve a specific health condition.

  • • Simply changing the diet and following the one which is good and most suitable for your body type can help in relieving from so many health problems.

  • • A therapeutic diet generally includes adding up the fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and dairy products in your diet, and are lower in fat, sugar, and processed foods.

  • • There are few ready-to-use therapeutic foods available today for instant use, which are highly beneficial in terms of being energy dense and micronutrient-enriched stuff.

There are so many diseases which will be highly controlled by the therapeutic diet, including cardiovascular diseases such as coronary artery disease, hypertension, stroke and even the diabetes. Like a specific diet for people with heart disease or those trying to prevent heart disease.

Disclaimer : The results vary according to the age, genetics, activity and gender and compliance on diet.