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Diet Plans for Depression Cure in Uttar Pradesh

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Depression is not a physical ailment rather a psychological or clinical disorder. Individuals suffering from it have always hesitated to speak up as it is considered as a taboo since time immemorial. Just as a friend is there to hear your heart out, so are we there for you. Our special meal plans will help in imbibing the right attitude in you. We will help you curb your anxieties with minimal antidepressants and will nurture your physical as well as mental health with diet planning.

Program Highlights:
1. Nutritional diet to infuse positivity.
2. Focus on a wholesome nourishment.
3. Weight maintenance.
4. Maintaining levels of anxiety and stress.

Foods That Fight Depression
• Walnuts
• Fatty Fish
• Low-Fat Dairy
• Whole Grains
• Green Tea
• Turmeric
• Dark Chocolate

Naturally with Food

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